Thursday, 2 August 2012

What's on

It's been a full on couple of weeks. Eldest has headed to the US on her first trip overseas alone although she is joining up with a tour and will make friends there. Much effort beforehand getting her sorted.

So this weekend I'm looking forward to finishing putting in the new lovely handles on my kitchen cupboards - have about six to go - and giving them a touch up with the white paint.

Pruning the 20 rosebushes in my front yard. It's an annoying job but I cheat a bit and get the MoH to chop them down roughly and then I do the "proper" pruning. It's worth it in Spring when they bloom so beautifully. I chose all my roses for fragrance and colour so it just smells gorgeous when they are all out. Must keep thinking of that when I'm mopping up the scratches.

Also have been commissioned (oohaah) to make two baby blankets by a friend at work. I'm making two lion blankets with an adorable lion and lioness appliqued in supersoft velour. Will post some pics when I'm done, hoping to finish one off this weekend. This is one of giraffes I did recently, was very happy with it.


Harry and Ralph (our two maltese shitzu fluff balls) will be given a wash this weekend. I hope. Harry's excited about the idea.


In between there'll be coffee, wine, chocolate, walks, movies, some yummy comfort food ( lamb shanks, roast chicken) and some missing of my big girl. There'll be some delight in her bulletins from overseas and hopefully a chance to just linger and chat in front of the fire.

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