Thursday, 30 January 2014


So I'm back from a fantastic week at Noosa where there was much consummation of yummy cocktails, eating, lazing by the pool and swimming and jumping over waves at the beach. I think it's the most I've swum since I was about 15 and that's because I committed to losing weight and getting fitter last year and did it. A massive win for me, I've struggled with my weight for most of my life and always wanted quick quick results without really putting in the effort to exercise. This time around I ignored the scales, made a promise to walk three/four times a week and had Lite n Easy for dinner. I've dropped a couple of dress sizes and started running! Incredible. I'm not one of those who love exercise, doubt I ever will, but it has helped me decompress the day and I just whack on the music and get on with it. The way I feel afterwards is good but the confidence it brings me is even better. I just feel better about myself, and that's a feeling worth sweating for. So, back to the hols. Best thing was the time spent at the beach, laughing as the waves pushed us around and we emerged dripping and panting to lie in the sun for a while before racing back in. It was so much fun to do that simple activity with my hubby and daughter. We had some old friends come and stay with us at our lovely accommodation and went swimming in the rain at 10pm, sneaking onto the water slides in the resort's kids pool which was a hoot. And there may have been some karoake. Now back to the world of ice cold air con in the office, but the holiday spirit still lingers and there's more big changes for me this year with a new job in two weeks. Life is good.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


The weather is insane. It's 44C and we are All suffering. We're worried about our 15 year old Maltese Shitzu Ralph who has slowed down so much in the past six months and who plods around when he's not sleeping. Harry our 2 year old Maltese Shitzu is coping fine but poor old Ralphie is finding this hideous heat hard. I'm coping by thinking cool thoughts, spending some quality time in the spa with a glass of bubbles, cool air inside and floaty outfits. Of course many are doing it tougher. Fires burn and temperatures will be high again tomorrow, increasing the further risk of fires. We live in a beautiful spot close to the Dandenong Ranges but summer is a danger time for this lush and lovely place. At least they've postponed the tennis before someone expires on centre court! ps: couldn't wait to start The Rosie Project - in this heat need distraction! The spa, a book, bubbles - divine.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Around the grounds

Blimey it's hot in my little home town. 42C yesterday, currently at 38C and the massive heatwave is expected to peak on Friday.

To add to the joy, the aircon in the office is on the fritz - thankfully an emergency crew dashed out into the scorching day and returned with icypoles.  Phew!

Cannot explain how much I am looking forward to heading up to lovely Noosa on the weekend for a break with Mr WLB and Ms A. Have begun packing and already hallucinating about the cocktails and the reading time. Have heard great reviews of The Rosie Project so have that tucked away but will also need another - am a fast reader. I was planning on taking Barracudda but couldn't wait and read it over Christmas and have to say, was a little disappointed. Didn't grip me as much as I thought it would - got a bit sick of the main character and his obsession with himself and his bodily functions. Enough said. Any recommendations? Have been followed Nikki's advice and bought a few kaftans and kimonos for my holiday wear and tried a few shops I normally would have bypassed on her recommendation.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Man eating rabid feminists unite

Oh I love this....the sassy wit and the smart aleckness of it.

These are the women to be admired...not the sort that think this rubbish is noteworthy.
Just take this from the redoubtable Miss Thompson on why she won an award for her role as PL Travers: "I can’t think what gave me the edge; it must have been the perm. Which was a great sacrifice; it meant no sex, of course, for months on end. And then only with animal noises accompanying it." Ladies, this is what confidence sounds like. If these two delicious creatures represent man eating rabid feminists - I'm in. And I'm bringing my mates.

Monday, 6 January 2014


Like most females with a pulse, I have a hankering for the lovely Colin Firth that has its origins of course in the Lake and the white shirt.

 I knew his latest film, The Railway Man, was not going to be a Bridget Jones laugh/lust fest and that's okay.

This is a movie that takes the viewer on a harrowing, emotional journey and I believe it's the sort of story we should bear witness to so that the men who were part of this awful situation know they are being recognised and their stories heard.

Many at the cinema were older than me and I wondered about how many had uncles or dads who had slaved on the Thai Burma railway. One woman behind me, during a particularly difficult scene, called out "they should be shot" about the Japanese soldiers.

I think Colin will win another Oscar for this one. Nicole Kidman, not my favourite actress by a long shot, is pretty good too as is Jeremy Irvine, the bloke who plays the younger main character.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The wrap up

So, to today. Highlights of today without doubt this story which prompted my brain to spin-off (pun intended) into far too many areas and this one which has made me think the whole world has gone Monday-crazy. Wouldn't want to be Scott Morrison when that big truck of sanitary products rocks up to his door... I'm missing the sunshine. Last year temperatures in my hometown were hitting 40 - too hot - but we've had hardly any summer and as Miss A would say, that makes me tired. But all is not lost - in a few short weeks I will be finally having my summer hols and it's off to Noosa I go to lounge, laze, guzzle and munch my way through days of glorious sunshine. Fingers crossed. I intend to try many cocktails, read, read and read, swim, jetski, get a massage and mooch about. I believe I've earned it after a year of doggged work and managing Miss A's 17 year oldness and Master B's wedding extravanganza in November. Do you think it would be wrong to have a few practice margaritas? Thought you'd be on my side.. x Jo