Sunday, 5 January 2014

The wrap up

So, to today. Highlights of today without doubt this story which prompted my brain to spin-off (pun intended) into far too many areas and this one which has made me think the whole world has gone Monday-crazy. Wouldn't want to be Scott Morrison when that big truck of sanitary products rocks up to his door... I'm missing the sunshine. Last year temperatures in my hometown were hitting 40 - too hot - but we've had hardly any summer and as Miss A would say, that makes me tired. But all is not lost - in a few short weeks I will be finally having my summer hols and it's off to Noosa I go to lounge, laze, guzzle and munch my way through days of glorious sunshine. Fingers crossed. I intend to try many cocktails, read, read and read, swim, jetski, get a massage and mooch about. I believe I've earned it after a year of doggged work and managing Miss A's 17 year oldness and Master B's wedding extravanganza in November. Do you think it would be wrong to have a few practice margaritas? Thought you'd be on my side.. x Jo

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