Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Catch up

It's been a while but let's not linger on that.

There's nothing quite like old friends is there?  Friends who've seen you in your hideous brown cow school uniform, with your spotty face and greasy hair and in the throes of your first mad love with the amazing boy who turned out to be not so amazing.

In the past few weeks I've reconnected with some old school friends and last night had dinner at the gorgeous Bistro Vue with a very special old friend.

As I looked at her across the table, I could see the same girl that took me out in her first car, a red MG, and we hooned down the deserted roads outside the country town we lived in. I told her again how much it meant to me when she bailed up another friend of mine after I'd got engaged at 21 and told the friend who was questioning why I was settling for a "provincial life as a wife" that she knew nothing because "You don't know F"  (my hubby to be).

We talked of old loves, old friends, heartbreak, the loss of her beloved sister, the awful days after my father died.

Today is Anzac Day and the sun is shining for the march. Many old friends will be reminiscing today and thinking of those times, long past, when mates saw them at their very best in the very worst of times.

x Jo

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