Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Around the grounds

Blimey it's hot in my little home town. 42C yesterday, currently at 38C and the massive heatwave is expected to peak on Friday.

To add to the joy, the aircon in the office is on the fritz - thankfully an emergency crew dashed out into the scorching day and returned with icypoles.  Phew!

Cannot explain how much I am looking forward to heading up to lovely Noosa on the weekend for a break with Mr WLB and Ms A. Have begun packing and already hallucinating about the cocktails and the reading time. Have heard great reviews of The Rosie Project so have that tucked away but will also need another - am a fast reader. I was planning on taking Barracudda but couldn't wait and read it over Christmas and have to say, was a little disappointed. Didn't grip me as much as I thought it would - got a bit sick of the main character and his obsession with himself and his bodily functions. Enough said. Any recommendations? Have been followed Nikki's advice and bought a few kaftans and kimonos for my holiday wear and tried a few shops I normally would have bypassed on her recommendation.

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