Wednesday, 19 November 2014

It's gone

Calamity. I think I've lost my shopping mojo. The other day Littlest Ripe and I headed off to the mecca that is Chadstone for a VIP shopping night. As we approached we saw this
And there we sat for 80 freaking minutes! barely inching forward. surrounded by lunatics trying to push their way in. Bedlam. When we finally made it in we found a park like that (snaps fingers). Awesome. In we went and proceeded to meet a wall of people. I know. What did we expect? But seriously, this was beyond anything seen before. I quickly sedately ran walked toward the champagne stand but alas. The crowds were 10 deep and despite highly trained champagne grabbing skills honed at the Melbourne Cup and years of soirees, I failed! And so did my shopping. I left that place of worship with NOTHING. I fear my shopping mojo has left the building. So today, I again entered the fray. Leaving the coalface during lunch to see if it was just lurking under the surface. I hightailed it to The Glen - and once more emerged empty handed. Something is very wrong. Let's hope it shows up before Christmas morning or the Ripe's are stuffed. Like the turkey.

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