Tuesday, 4 October 2016

A little prick

Around these parts of late one of the parts hasn't been working.
No, not that part.
For the last few months I've been grappling with frozen shoulder. It's all kinds of painful. Nobody can say for sure how I got it but one thing that gladdens the heart (NOT) is that it's another one of those things that happen when you get older - like hair growing in unwanted places, like menopause, like weight gain for no reason. Thank you universe!

Anyway, the frozen shoulder fun and games started when I woke up one morning and my arm hurt like hell.
I then discovered I couldn't do up my bra - this right arm of mine would not budge past my hip.

Being the stubborn cow I am, I thought I'd let it work itself out and put off getting treatment.

But it was soon obvious that wasn't going to work. At night the pain was intense and a few weeks of little sleep (and still working full time) saw me charge off to get physio.
Part of the issue was not knowing anyone locally where we've moved.

But I discovered the wonderful Eliza at our local osteo clinic. And she introduced me to dry needling - who knew those tiny little slivers of silver/aluminium/whatever could pack such a healing punch!

In they went to my arctic shoulder, giving it a little electric jolt and almost straight away my stubborn arm shifted upwards a few centimetres. Victory!

Eight weeks on and treatment continues. I've got a truckload of rehab exercise to do every day that I struggle with a bit - it hurts and fitting in three repetitions every day is a challenge but I'm trying to do it.

Still can't get my hand behind my back to do up my bra - that's the last hurdle apparently. But can now reach behind to straighten my hair and reach about 135 degrees.

When it comes to frozen (shoulder), I am trying to be like this:

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