Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Long time coming

Can't believe I've been away so long but I'm back. Some of what I've been doing in the interim:

* upcycling, one of my favourite things. Inspired by Letitia at The White Shed, my kitchen table is now black and my chairs white

* becoming engrossed in Once Upon A Time

* cooking Bill's food especially his coconut chilli chicken (thanks for the headsup BabyMac)

* knitting and trying to remember how to crochet

* building fires and toasting marshmallows

Have also been thinking a lot about the Chamberlains. I can clearly remember all the anger and shouting about Lindy and the conflict this case caused. I was in my late teens and just beginning my journalism career and I believed her to be innocent. Never ever thought that what was said about her - that she cut her child's throat with scissors and put her body in a camera bag - was true. I can remember vividly the shock when they pronounced her guilty. So many people celebrated, it was awful.

What was forgotten in all this was this little child. Lindy's powerful words in the trial when the prosecutor was describing his theories _ "This is my child, not some object."

I hope Azaria's family slept easy last night, that those awful voices accusing them over the past 32 years finally shut up.

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