Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mouthing off

I have a big mouth and sometimes, it gets away with me. Like today. Indulged in a little gossip and probably shouldn't have. Not someone I know really but just something I passed on. And I wish now I hadn't. It happened because I was tired and jaded with work and got carried away.

It's left a sour taste. I've apologised for running off at the mouth to the one person who cares and all is good but...I wish I hadn't said it.

It's probably my worst fault. I blame an adult lifetime of working in newsrooms where anything goes and where black humour is sometimes the only things that get you through when you come across the vile, indifferent and callous horrors that can pass for our society.

And of course, teenage years spent growing up in a bowling alley of all places where life resembled a very poorly written soap opera where restraint was a rare commodity.

It's another lesson learned for me. Censoring myself...it's a theme for today - hello Maxabella who is questioning in her insightful way our community of bloggers and where it's heading.

 At the end of the day, we answer to ourselves and more often than not, we're our harshest critic.


  1. Don''t you hate that feeling when you know you've let yourself down. It is so easy to cross that line to get a laugh or entertain and I always kick myself when I realise I've done it.