Thursday, 10 May 2012

The real world

I've been busy with the real world and it's taken me away from this space. Two Budgets in one week, having to decipher what they mean for those struggling to put food on the table, petrol in their cars and educate their kids. I've missed this space.

But I've been dipping in and out of the conversations swirling about what blogs mean, the word 'writer' and the weight it's given by some and what all this means to me.

I've been paid to write my whole working life, from when I started out as a wet behind the ears journalist to now when I write for a corporate organisation.

I remember first writing a story as an 8 year old when a car was stolen from our street and taken for a joyride and the police came and I pretended to be a newspaper journalist and wrote my own article about it. I was bitten and there was no going back.

I've always written for myself too, but it's been secreted away. Blogging puts it out there. Very few people know I do this because this is for me, this is my space and I'm still coming to terms with peeling away those layers.

When you're a "professional" writer, it's about removing the personal, being objective. You can't do that with your blog. I like that the blog is challenging me, I like that something I've done for a long time - and pretty well, without getting too far up myself - still holds surprises for me. I like discovering unexplored worlds within myself and being prodded by others out there to think about new things or see them in a different way. i'm not free yet of the constraints of my professional life, but I'm stretching those muscles a bit and seeing where that takes me. thanks for the push.





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