Thursday, 26 April 2012

The chilly chill and the lovely warmth

So, today's been all over the place. Started at 6.30am with work calls from media, I write that and think 'how crazy is that?' Nature of the beast I'm afraid with the job I do. And it continued with media calls and usually I would make an effort to still get in the door of the office before 9 but today I thought "bugger it". I called in, said I'd be late in and got a coffee on the way to work. Before I went in, however, chucked a beef roast in my beloved slow cooker for tonight. Knew there would be the B-Boy, his lovely girl, the man and the small darling at home for dinner - planned on making pasta ragu using the slow cooked beef.
And decided to leave earlier after a full day when calls continued and I had to juggle multiple tasks for most of the day. What I struggle with, and there's no end in sight to the struggle - it's been going on for more than a year - is a lack of recognition of the time and effort that goes into a working day that starts at 6.30am by a particular person at my work who should recognise it. When I said I was going to head off at 4pm after starting at 6.30am  the comment back was pretty ordinary - ie "I didn't ask you about how many hours you've worked, I asked about outcomes". Oh, thank you. Therefore it was lovely to open my door to the delicious smell of slow cooked meat and the welcoming hug from a 15 year old who still loves her mumma and tells her about her day!
It makes up for the other stuff and is the reason why I do it.

                                        Mother And Daughter - Edward Verschaffelt

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