Sunday, 22 April 2012

Yes Virginia, there is a tooth fairy

I have a mortal fear of the dentist, with good reason. When I was a teenager, my gums became ulcerated (ick) and my darling ma sent me to a dentist who had clearly been trained by this guy. I am still recovering. So this week, I had a toothache. Seems a piece of my tooth decided it was going to have its own little party without the rest of the gang and broke off. Steadily the discomfort grew and steadily I attempted to ignore it. But the pain...not childbirth like but still enough to make me want to punch something and rip my head off. Saturday night I threw back some sleep meds but on Sunday I rang the dentist pleading for an appointment. Here's the weird bit. Woke up this  morning after another night of medicated sleep and there was the rest of the tooth, in my mouth. No pain, no bleeding, the tooth was out baby! thank you thank you tooth fairy..


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