Tuesday, 17 April 2012

the day my friend's dog got shit-faced (and not with Ben Cousins)

Think you've had a bad day?  Think on this one. And warning...toilet humour ahead. My friend's toilet blocked up today, it happens. Apparently her son does big poos. Only thing is, he's 20. V.big poos. But he's a plumbing apprentice, so handy when his big poo stuffs up the loo. However, this time his magic bag of plumbing tricks couldn't fix the loo. There was some overflow to the outside valve. Let's skip that part.
Anyhoo, he needed a bigger sort of rod-thingy (intense plumber talk) to shift the pile of doo stuck in the pipe. A job for later in the day.  So off he skipped to work. But....there was still some "residue" in the back garden courtesy of the valve spillage. And there was their dog, the deliciously named Muffin, whose gastronomic tastes are a little...lowbrow. A barricade was built but Muffin is a tenacious mutt and in a twinkle (did you like that?) fulfilled her mission to plunder the poo to her heart's delight. She got shitfaced. It wasn't pretty. Neither was the cleanup.

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