Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I love rock and roll

The One Direction screamfest has got me thinking about my first concert. I was 13, had a mad crush on a 17 year old that worked in our family business - a tenpin bowl - and he'd introduced me to the bone thumping sound of Bon Scott and Angus Young as I hung around the back of the lanes pretending to clean bowling pins. They were coming to town but there was no way mum would let me - it was the "Lock Up Your Daughters" tour, fat chance in hell I'd be there. But my crush and his mate, who also worked for us, wanted the night off and could have it if they chaperoned me. Deal. So there we were at the Morwell Town Hall, flannies on, me beyond excited. The boys met some girls and we quickly agreed that they would watch out for me from a distance and I'd keep quiet about their friends.  I didn't see them until the end of the night. Me? I was up front, right next to the speakers, watching Bon in his too tight jeans prance around the stage. It was magic..

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