Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Big girls do cry

Tonight we head to Bloss's school for an extravaganza of culinary delights in their own My Restaurant Rules event. Consequently, have only eaten a few banana lollies (fruit!) and copious coffees so I can squeeze every last bite of the three course menu in. She's highly excited and nervous, it is a full restaurant kitchen and she has loved this part of her year 10 studies.

This week we've looked at her maths blog, a clever little thing she and a mate do in maths class. It's hilarious - she set receiving her maths test marks to the theme from Chariots of Fire and had them slo-moing high fives.

This is like heaven to me after the crap year she had last year and the bullying and isolation she experienced at the hands of "friends". I remember the phone calls and the tears. When they'd arrange to meet her somewhere and not show. Lunches in the library to avoid them. The facebook updates so she knew she'd been left out. The tears that I'd cry and the anger that would rise up in me and have my itching to call mothers and scream at them. The school helped and listened and we huddled around her to help her weather the storm.

She's moved on after bravely confronting the girls and one in particular, one who had been a close friend but basically didn't like Bloss broadening her circle of friends and moving out of this one girl's controlling perimeters.

Tonight we will sit at the same table as this girl's family and it will be okay, although our friendship - reasonably close but not best mates - has altered. It's complex when friends fall out, even more so when one is being a total cow. I've wanted to hurt this girl for the pain she's caused mine but that just causes more pain. But we mumma's don't forget.

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