Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Black cats and voodoo dolls

I've been doing Zumba for a whole 12 weeks. This is a significant thing. I love the idea of exercise, of walking the dogs and going for a run but I'm a complete useless lump about it.

I run out of time, it's cold blah blah. But...Zumba comes to my work and I just walk out the door into the gym and there it is. And it's fun, even though I'm a bit hopeless at keeping in time and the boob pushing, hip wiggling thing is just not my strong point.  But the laughter among the women in my group soothes my soul after a day of crappy work almost as much as the exercise works off my tension.

We have a teacher who was on Dancing with the Stars as a backstage trainer...sadly for her she's now Dancing with the Duds. She is just what you're imaging - dark tan, long limbs, big hair, and big smile. She'd be lovely if she wasn't quite so attractive.....

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