Saturday, 12 January 2013

Life's a beach

I have just had a delicious lie-in after a late night and have spent the last hour trawling through lovely houses by the seaside.

It is my fervent wish to live there full-time and have a beautiful room like Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give looking out over the ocean to write in, unlike the old table in the corner of my study which looks out on a forlorn little corner of my garden.

So today we're going poking through some houses in the area we'd like to live and will sit by the seaside and eat ice-creams. It is decidedly cooler today, the smoke haze has cleared and fire fighters all over the state will be breathing a sigh of relief I expect and finally having a good sleep.

Yesterday something quite extraordinary happened. I felt the earth move and for a while, it seemed I was the only one who did.

I was home alone, at my desk (again), the dogs barked (again) and then there was a weird unearthly silence. I know no other way to describe it. Then the big whoop and the house gave itself a shake. Shortly after another smaller one. I didn't move, but thought both times that it was an earthquake and being a modern lass went on the facebook and twitter to alert the nation. No-one else seemed to notice. Who knew I had such sensitivity to the earth's crust? Remarkable.

It has been a good weekend. Went to a milestone birthday celebration for one of my oldest friends, who became my friend when we were tiny babes and we moved next door to her house. We started school together, spent summers swimming and mucking about together and she was in my wedding, I in hers. When we were four and playing hairdressers I cut off one of her pigtails with scissors requiring her long hair to be cut short.  She has forgiven me.

It has been a tumultuous year for her. Her marriage to a controlling, difficult man has ended finally after a series of attempts and she is finding herself again after years of doubt. It was grand to see her so happy about the future.

And last night, dinner with another group of old friends, celebrating nothing more than our long friendship and shared history and adding another layer of memories.

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