Saturday, 5 January 2013


It's a little cooler today and the bushfires burning in another state of my beautiful country have died down a little but the devastation is immense. More than 80 homes lost but thankfully only one life. Maybe we have all learned from the horror of Black Saturday and people have got out early. The massive river that runs through much of this state has again proved a lifesaver, enabling people to stay away from dangerous roads and get away from the fire. So many on Black Saturday died in their cars trying to get away.

I'm reading  Hadley Fielinger's book and deciding what to make for a work colleague expecting her first baby. I love to knit, and Hadley describes perfectly the joy it brings to make something and how it soothes the soul.

I'm finding my soul needs a little southing at the moment. A challenging situation at work and high expectations with lack of resources is making it difficult for quite a few of us to do our jobs properly and it grates on the perfectionist in me.

Ideally I'd like to pull back a little, have less demanding work and more time to explore other loves like writing what I want, crafting, cooking, home, and family without work pressures intruding.

I need to make it happen. Financially, I have to find a way.

One event bringing us all enormous delight is my wonderful son's engagement to his long-time partner. I'm so proud of him for the lovely way he asked her to be his wife and know there is much joy ahead for them.

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