Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The education of JoeyRipe continues

What I learnt this year - the top 25 cos that's my real age

1. Supervising a Learner driver does not get easier third time around
2. Starting a new job is hard
3. You are never ever too old to learn
4. I am too much of a smartarse at times
5. Family is everything
6. Love hurts
7. Watching your child suffer, no matter how old, is heartbreaking
8. VCE (year 12 for you non-Victorians) is a bitch
9. A good glass of champagne will always help
10. Walking on the tready every day does work
11. Always check the shower before getting in (redback spider alert)
12. I can be married for 30 years and still be in love
13. Writing a book is a labour of aaaggghhhh
14. Regrets are pointless
15. I don't have to be the strong one all the time
16. My mum and brother are lunatics when they get together
17. Kindness is underrated but it's the best thing ever
18. My youngest turning 18 is bittersweet
19. I miss sleeping waiting for 18 year old to come home
20. Burch and Purchase gourmet wagon wheels are the bomb
21. I need a new oven
22. Sometimes you need to force people to talk, no matter how much they don't want to
23. Top TV - The Fall, Missing & Endeavour
24. Old friends are the best
25. New friends can be too

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