Thursday, 29 January 2015

Around these parts

Today my blog feed/instagram/Facebook has been full to the brim with parents posting pics of little shiny faces wearing new shoes and massive backpacks heading off to school.
And I am rejoicing that I am not one of those parents.

For the first time in, oh, forever I do not have a child at primary or secondary school.

Yes, that sound is me whooping with delight.

Don't get me wrong...I have teared up a plenty hearing and reading about that big moment - and I'm talking here about the mums and dads at the school gate waving their little ones off!

I remember that lurch of pride and anxiety very well - the little hand slipping free, tiny steps on a new journey as they start to make their own path.

look how excited littlest Ripe was!

But I'm sooo glad not to be there anymore. No more lunches, homework, school shoes, uniforms, last minute notes, parent/teacher interviews.

Just reading it is exhausting.

No, this February instead of gearing up for first term, I'm going away with Mr Ripe. Not in school holidays! When it's cheaper!

That should give me a few more dollars to spend on these:

But we haven't quite gone past the educating.

That cute little blondie pictured above has gained a place at University and starts in a month. So excited for her as she starts a new chapter in her story.

Took in a bit of this the other day:

Love the tennis. That's Serena's family just down and across from us. They were very intense supporters!

Also spent some time here on Aus Day just soaking up the serenity after scoffing fish and chips on the beach taking a power walk.

Almost the weekend. Plans for lunch with a girlfriend, shopping with Ms Ripe and maybe taking in a movie - thinking of this one:

but have heard mixed reviews.

We'll see.

Keep focused on the good things Blogland and remember to Stay Classy

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