Thursday, 8 January 2015

My brother and his celeb friends

I am hanging for this weekend.

We're supposed to be getting a deluge of rain - like gazillion bucketloads - over the next few days.
It will probably drive me bonkers but it may also force me to just meander around doing stuff around the house, watching movies, reading, cooking and chilling out.
it's been a massive start to 2015.

My darling brother - Lord H - has been with us on and off for a month after arriving like the whirlwind he is from LA where he now lives, full of stories and lugging loads of wine.
He has met lots of celebs over there in his 12 or so months - most of them he doesn't have a clue who they are.
It's up to me - the font of all celebrity wisdom - to clue him in.
Like this pearler:

Lord H (as in his Lordship, our pet name for him): So, there's this girl in my building who I met and she's a rapper I think.
Me: right, what's her name.
LH: can't remember, something like Dizzy
Me: Dizzy?
LH: it's some flower
Me: do you mean Iggy? Iggy Azalea??
LH: yep, that's it.

What do you mean you don't recognise me??

He's also had lunch with Snoop Dog, JayZ (no Beyoncé though sob) and kinda knew who they were beforehand (!) and met Matt Damon in a hotel's business centre tapping on a computer (Lord H knew him!) and Matt McConaughey at the premier of his new movie Interstellar.

Lord H said Matt (I think I can call him that) told him he loved Australia after filming Fools Gold here (best forget that one).
He foolishly asked Lord H what he thought of the new movie. It's pretty crap, said his Lordship (cue intake of breath from surrounding minions). He then added: But you were okay.
To his credit, Matt (see, did it again) laughed and said how he admired Aussie's for their honesty, saying it was a rare thing in LA-land.

A classic Lord H moment.

What do you mean "okay"?? I'm an Oscar winner dude.

It's all a little infuriating - I clearly should be hanging with these peeps! He, of course, takes great delight in my outrage that he doesn't have a clue.
So we've spent many days and nights laughing, drinking, looking at old photos of our daggy fashions and telling his kids and mine lots of stories and shaking our heads at his antics.

He's heading back there now - hopefully with some more celebrity hook-ups in his sights.

It's been the best.

But I reckon I've drunk and eaten my fill, enough to last me til next Christmas.

Time to pull out the runners and shut the fridge.

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