Friday, 2 January 2015


Holey Moley it's hot.
43 and fires are burning.
There's a dread you can feel in the air on days like these.
Ever since Black Saturday.
This is summer in Australia.
Mr Ripe has been inhaling these at a competition worthy rate.

I have spent hours lolling in the water, contemplating my toenails and letting my mind wander.
Here's some thoughts I've conjured up.

Why don't my cat or dog chase away the miner birds that hang around their food bowls and loudly screech?
how many spiders are hiding around my house?
Why does it require five towels to dry one human?
What should I eat/drink now?
Will the new Housewives of Melbourne be as good as the first? Gina, don't let us down!
Why does Mr Ripe continue to play Neil Diamond at house-shaking volume? (There is no answer to this one)
What will Ms Ripe get up to this year, now school is over and we're waiting on uni offers. Where will life take her?

Keep hydrated. I am focusing on these to get me no particular order....


  1. Oooh, I am hanging out for the Real Housewives of Melbourne to start again too!

  2. Some of the new girls look pretty interesting!